Die Lehrerschaft der Komaja

Juli 2010

Aus Gründen der Qualitätssicherung kann die geistige Lehre der Komaja ausschliesslich weitergegeben werden von

  • Guru Aba Aziz Makaja – Schöpfer der geistigen Lehre Komaja, Begründer und geistiger Vater der Komaja Gemeinschaft sowie von Komajas Kirche der Liebe
  • fünf von Guru Makaja ernannten Gurus der Komaja: Athena, Dea Konstanza, Rubini, Kristijan, Naga Devi
  • zwanzig diplomierten Lehrer/-innen der Komaja Meditation (das Diplom wird ausschliesslich von der Komaja Meditationsschule/Schweiz vergeben – siehe mehr)
  • drei internen tantrischen Lehrern/-innen der Komaja (siehe mehr)


Three more KOMAJA Societies become members of the World Association for Sexual Health WAS

At the 18th World Congress for Sexual Health in Sydney/Australia, the General Assembly of the World Association for Sexual Health accepted three more KOMAJA societies as members.

These are:
KOMAJA Society for the Culture of Love, Cologne/DE
KOMAJA Society for the Development of Art of Living, Skopje/MK
KOMAJA Society for the Development of Love and Consciousness, Zagreb/CRO

The Komaja Foundation/Switzerland was accepted to become a member of this eminent organisation, which promotes sexual health throughout the world, during the congress in Havanna/Cuba 2003.  A few weeks ago WAS won the official recognition of the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO).  This is a major achievement for WAS and reflects their increasing international involvement and influence in promoting fundamental and critical sexual health issues throughout the world.

To A.A. Makaja's presentations at the 18th World Congress for Sexual Health

The TV programme "10 vor 10" hosted by SF1, the Swiss state TV channel, produced the following report about Makaja and Komaja

Watch the report online:

Professor Ferid Muhic, PHD, one of the most highly regarded contemporary professors of Philosophy from the South Slavic region, appreciates Makaja's work!

PHD Ferid Muhic is the Professor for Philosophy at the University "Skt. Kyrill und Metod" in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, and is a guest professor at well known universities worldwide, (e.g.: New York State University, Freie Universität - Berlin, Sorbonne – Paris, among others. Ferid Muhic is author of 23 monographs on Philosophy, his main topics are Contemporary Philosophy, Cultural Anthropology, Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Politics.
In his review “Through Ecstasy to the Peace of the Stars”, Ferid Muhic writes the following regarding Makaja’s “Eros & Logos. The Book for Saints and Sinners”:

"Instead of regarding the entire history of civilization as the history of suffering (Historia calamitatum), Komaja proposes the model of the history of pleasure, joy, the history of ecstasy, which can lead to the same destination: namely to the highest bliss (…)"


Marty Klein PhD, the famous sexologist, visiting the Komaja Center in Zagreb, Croatia

Marty Klein PhD, the famous sexologist, visiting the Komaja Center in Zagreb, Croatia
PhD Marty Klein, internationaly renowned family, relationship and sexual therapist, author of several bestsellers on the topic of sexual education and couple therapy in the USA, visited Komaja Center in Zagreb May 2006.
Marty Klein, amongst others, initiated and lead the Jury for the well known American "Sexual Intelligence Award“, which was awarded to Franjo Milicevic Makaja 2004. In his award justification Marty Klein writes:
The sexological work of Franjo Milicevic Makaja has political weight: in a world which focuses on contrariness and differences, Makaja shows people their common heritage. He speaks about erotic suppression under which all suffer and teaches a new way of living that shows people what they all have: the potential for erotic fulfillment and conscious love.


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