Haiku as a Path


The Singing Sun
brightens the sky and starts off
the chirping of birds

See, only the sun fall
colours the fog white
- and the snowy meadows


Look! -Cherry blossom
scattered all over the sky
tempting sun and earth.

Under the black boots
 the white snow is crunched.
The walker walks.


The sun goes down
and the spellbound fog remains.
Neither night, nor day.

Ruby coloured fog
woke the grey winter day
from its drowsiness

on the window and
upon my cheek

The sunshine is weaving
into the transparent mist
ruby-coloured threads

Tsunami Haiku

The tear drop of the girl
fell from the balustrade
into the ocean.

On meeting the rose
the rouge on her lips quivers
and turns pale

Behind the eyelids
the whole of paradise


In front of  traffic-lights
lit up by the green
of your eyes
Copyright (c) KOMAJA 2019 / design V. Heil