Haiku as a Path

Listen, the leaf rustles
same under your
as under my foot.

Haiku is the “youngest” of the eight main activities of the Komaja community. Makaja recommends it as part of a spiritual practise because real Haiku writing presupposes the absence of the poetic ego. Vladimir Devide, the world famous Croatian Haiku poet and popular guest at Komaja’s Haiku evenings, describes it in the following way:
„The Haiku poet identifies himself, as subject, with the object he is writing a poem about – for example, when he writes about a fir tree, then in such a poem there is no separation between the tree and the poet.  Rather, the poet experiences the fir tree and the fir tree experiences the poet and the poem itself is a product of the state of consciousness in which the poet became the fir tree and the fir tree became the poet..“

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