Spiritual Sport

Sports are mainly a physical activity. For those, however, who practice sports in such a way that they are always steadfastly fighting for maximal consciousness, righteousness and absolute devotion to the divine force within them, sports are a spiritual event and a training of the highest order. For such people neither goals nor goalkeeper exist, neither winner nor loser - all this is just … wonderful Atma-Yoga.
In Komaja we mainly play team sports such as soccer, water polo, volleyball, pizigin et.al.   We also play chess, billiards, etc. As a general rule we play in mixed teams – men, women and adolescents, even at our large Winter and Summer School-tournaments.

Aside from the above-mentioned spiritual aspect, sports in Komaja support character building (fair play et. al.) and the development of social competences (team spirit). They also promote health and physical capabilities.


Croatian national sport PICIGIN

Photo-Documentation of Komaja's Picigin 1989-2013

An introduction to the universal rules of croatian national sport PICIGIN
Picigin - UVOD U PRAVILA.pdf

Croatian national sport PICIGIN - THE RULES
Picigin - PRAVILA.pdf

Open letter to the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Health and to the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of the Republic of Croatia
Otvoreno pismo ministarstvima RH.pdf

Picigin INTRO – en

Komaja and Picigin – de

King of Picigin – en

Volleyball Yoga Nirodha – en

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Makaja plays Picigin on his 58th B-day

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