Komaja Meditation

Meditation is a natural state of human consciousness. Each human being meditates every day: in moments of deepest relaxation after a bustling workday, in the moments shortly before falling asleep. These excursions into the levels of consciousness which are above feelings and thoughts, however, are too short for the human being either to notice or to make use of them. Komaja Meditation is universally applicable and equally effective, regardless of whether one uses it to further one’s health and life quality or to achieve the highest of spiritual goals. Specifically, it consists in making use of another natural “meditative” state of human consciousness: the state of being in love.

People in love very frequently and effortlessly stop their thoughts as well as many other everyday, less significant feelings in order to enjoy telepathic love contact. Being in love as well as love are abilities of the human soul, like meditation, which can be developed. Through Komaja Meditation or „Meditation of Love“ one makes conscious, practices and increases the ability or art of love (love for one’s partner, one’s children, love for one’s neighbours or one’s love of God).

General Instructions

    • Komaja meditation is performed for 30-40 minutes in the morning and also in the evening.
    • By all means one should meditate on an empty stomach.  At most, one may drink a glass of water or milk before meditating, if one is hungry or thirsty.
    • The ideal time of the day is sunrise and sunset, the ideal position is facing the sun (or to the east).
    • One can sit cross legged or in a normal position on a chair. In both cases it is desirable for the spine, the neck and the head to be kept straight most of the time. Leaning back to support one's back is only permissible in cases of great exhaustion, illness or old age.
    • It is not good to meditate in a room in which dogs, cats or any other larger animals are present.
    • For up to ten minutes after meditating one should avoid eating, drinking and intense activity. After this it is good to be as active as possible (whether physically or spiritually).
    • Great attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the body and clothing as well as the cleanliness and tidiness of the room in which one normally meditates.
    • Followers of Komaja do not consume alcohol, cigarettes, meat, drugs or any other toxic materials, and medication is only used when the follower’s mental powers and knowledge are not effective in eliminating a disorder.
    • Some life situations require many hours of prolonged, uninterrupted meditation apart from the usual morning and evening meditations. These are situations in which either the body and the nervous system or the psyche are under great stress, e.g., increased body temperature; tiring travel; constant, intense pain; lack of food and/or water or any similar difficulty.
    • As to its energetic effects, all meditation methods, and therefore also that of Komaja can be brought under the same umbrella: filling the human being with vital energy. For this reason, people who meditate should emanate noble and selfless, or valuable thoughts and feelings in daily life.
    Komaja meditation consists of two parts.

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