Komaja's teaching staff

In order to preserve purity and quality, the dissemination of Komaja's spiritual teaching is exclusively restricted to

  • Guru Aba Aziz Makaja – creator of the spiritual teaching Komaja, founder and spiritual father of the Komaja Community as well as Komaja's Church of Love
  • five of Komaja's gurus announced by Guru Makaja: Athena, Dea Konstanza, Rubini, Kristijan, Naga Devi
  • twenty graduated teachers of Komaja Meditation (the diploma is awarded exclusively by  Komaja Meditationsschule/Schweiz (Komaja's Meditation School/ Switzerland) – see below)
  • three internal tantric teachers of Komaja (see below)


Graduate teacher of Komaja Meditation

The apprenticeship of a graduate teacher of Komaja Meditation requires approx. four years on average and covers the following areas in theory and practical study which are at the same time also the examination subjects:

1. Philosophy of Komaja, 2. Methodology of Komaja, 3. Spiritualisation of Sexuality, 4. Spiritual Psychology, 5. Science of Mantras (Psychophonics), 6. Yoga-Sutra, 7. Basics of Kundalini-, Raja- and Tantra-Yoga, 8. Basics of Theosophy, 9. Comparatistic Studies of Yoga, Tantra and Christianity, 10. Science and Spiritual Science, 11. History of Komaja.


Internal tantric teacher of Komaja

Since January 1st 2010 the body of Komajas spiritual teachers includes also internal tantric teachers of Komaja:



Certificate of appointment
as internal tantric teacher of Komaja

The internal tantric teacher of Komaja has the right, under the supervision of the first tantric guru of Komaja's community, Aba Aziz Makaja, to give tantric courses in exactly the same manner as they have been founded by Makaja.
Basically, Komaja's Tantra is the Tantra of Gods Radiating Love, the Tantra of the Heart, the Trilinga Tantra. These courses, regardless if for members or for other interested persons, must truely reflect the spirit, the method and the techniques (the technology) described in the books Komaja and Enlighened Eros.
The status of an internal tantric teacher ist given to those members of Komaja's tantric circles who accomplish the following conditions:

  1. Makaja must be his/her most important living spiritual Master during the last seven years.
  2. Successfully passed Komaja Meditation Teacher exam
  3. Regular visit of Komajas tantric courses during the last ten years (with a no more than of two absences in succession)
  4. The person lives in a zajedna or was at least the last five years living in the same zajedna (without interruption, and it really has to be a declared zajedna; time of probation included)
  5. Exceptionally, instead of „living in a zajedna“ from condition no. Nr. 4, one has the possibility to make a vow before Guru Makaja to spend at least three years in godliving (brahmacharya).
  6. The time distance between two zajednas or between life in a zajedna and a three years godliving must not exceed eight years.
  7. The status of an internal tantric teacher can be achieved at the earliest upon completion of the 35th year of one`s life.

With this letter of appointment I annouce the first three tantric teachers in the history of Komaja Community:

  1. Dea Konstanza
  2. Kali Ma
  3. Sindu Dev

The internal teacher of Komaja obtains the right to take the final examination for the independant tantric teacher after he/she has held at least 4 small tantric courses (each course with a duration of at least 3 – 5 days) and 2 tantric two-weeks courses  - the max. time distance between the courses is 3 years.

Guru Aba Aziz Makaja

In Pula, January 01st 2010





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