Sex and Spirituality

This poster presentation gives some insight into the basics and methodology of Komaja’s spiritual teaching as to sex: It shows which possibilities in the sexual realm are open to a person who has undertaken the adventure of accelerating his or her personal evolution.
This poster presentation was displayed at the World Congress of Sexology in Havanna in March 2003 with great success and attracted the attention of numerous scientists.


Art of Love

The Love School of Komaja is an independent institution of the Komaja community. The reason it was founded and exists is to close the gap between the educational and schooling system – a gap which every human being discovers when dealing with love-erotic life and love-erotic education. In our backwards world and its schools, we see art-education as well as musical and technical education (and culture) – but not love-erotic education and culture! And we see this despite the fact that in so-called civilized Europe every second or third marriage breaks up, as well as the fact that among the remaining 50% of marriages, less than a tenth can be called real, meaning no cheating of any kind has ever occurred in them.

The Art of Love is the name for a long-term program consisting of one or two week-long courses in Komaja’s Tantra. These courses are geared towards the cultivation and development of love-erotic life, as well as the spiritualisation of it.

between 20 and 40 people

The method of work is determined by the individuals, couples or groups themselves.

Today’s oldest course group was founded in 1985.  Today it has 25 members, with an average membership of over eleven years (2011).
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The Komaja Foundation for the Promotion of Physical and Psychic Health via Komaja’s Meditation Methods is member of W.A.S. (World Association for Sexual Health)
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